Trail running Icicle Ridge


Written on Jul 15th, 2014 By
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By Amber King If you’re looking for a tough run that has ‘take your breath away’ views, stacked with a probable mountain high — look no further. As the longest, most scenic ridge run in Washington, Icicle Ridge has it all! Icicle Ridge was put on my trail-running bucket list shortly after arriving in…

Run better? Get stronger.


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Category Training

By Sarah Barkley Strength training is an important component of run training. Incorporation of strength work leads to a reduced risk of injury and increased muscular endurance. Strength training does not always need to include weights and can easily be accomplished anywhere. Here are a few great ‘no equipment required’ strength moves to get…

A great run just minutes from Wenatchee

Kyle taking off from the Mission trailhead.

Written on Jul 2nd, 2014 By
Category Trail Running

  By Amber King After work, running missions have started to become the norm lately. Finding the after-work partner is sometimes a challenge, but lately I’ve been lucky to find people interested in the adventure. It is always nice to share those exciting moments when something new and beautiful is discovered. Trail running is…

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In the eye of Eightmile

Eightmile Lake Trail - A beautiful 6.6 mile in-and-out that features alpine lakes, beautiful trails and fantastic views — and just outside the Leavenworth area.

Written on Jun 24th, 2014 By
Category Trail Running

  By Amber King The water droplets on the windshield were the size of marbles. They plopped hard, impeding my vision, making it very difficult to see out the window as my friend, Dan Sulak, and I headed up Icicle Creek. We had just finished a training session for work, and I was able…


Trail runners thankful for inaugural Wenatchee Valley series

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2014 Bavarian Battle Trail Runs results

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Colchuck Lake

The Enchanting Trail Trifecta Challenge

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