Stirred by a storm

Written on Apr 14th, 2017 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog

  By Marlene Farrell After a day of mostly sitting (three hours in a car and all-day conference sessions), a window opened — a chance to leap away from my warm drowsy stillness. To run! The weather happened to be crazy. Gales were bombarding the Puget Sound. Being inland by about 15 miles as…

Racing a champion

Written on Mar 8th, 2017 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog

  By Marlene Farrell My daughter, Alice, beat an Olympian the other day. It might be hard to imagine a girl just over a decade old trouncing a four-time Olympian, but that’s what she did. What does it matter that it was all in her head? That day we were at the Icicle River…

Habits of running are contagious

Written on Dec 10th, 2016 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog

By Marlene Farrell Running gave me an early Christmas present. I unwrapped it on Nov. 1 and it kept growing and amazing me throughout the month. The gift had two parts. One was perseverance (or diligence or grit; it has so many wonderful names). I’ve been running daily for years, only missing a half…

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Fire and rain greet Oktoberfest trail runners

Written on Oct 16th, 2016 By
Category Events, News, Steve Maher's Blog, Trail Running

  By Steve Maher LEAVENWORTH — Participants in the Oktoberfest Trail Runs knew rain from a big Northwest storm would be a factor in Saturday’s 10-mile and 8-kilometer races. But little did the 10-milers know they’d be running alongside a prescribed burn in the hills above Leavenworth. “It was like Jurassic Park,” said trail…

Chelan brothers set to run entire length of Washington PCT

Written on Oct 13th, 2016 By
Category News, Steve Maher's Blog

Olympic Games vs. Backpacking

Written on Sep 1st, 2016 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog

The camaraderie of the Upper Valley Running Club

Written on Aug 28th, 2016 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog