My romance with running

Written on Dec 3rd, 2017 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog, Training

By Marlene Farrell My relationship with running changes over time. Sometimes I feel the height of passion, when running takes precedence and monopolizes my thoughts. Other times the relationship is very platonic, like I could take or leave it, and runs are a version of “going through the motions.” I can’t predict what will…

Sharing the trail with middle-school runners

Written on Oct 17th, 2017 By
Category Marlene Farrell Blog, Training

By Marlene Farrell Coaching middle schoolers in cross country running requires a delicate hand. Every year Coach Eric and I have a band of thoroughbreds ready to hit a trail. They’ll run, with little wasted motion, on and on. The vast majority of these young runners, however, need guidance every step of the way….

Running with Imelda

Written on Jun 29th, 2017 By
Category Training

By Marlene Farrell Running improves us in many ways. Some are visible like how our physiques evolve — lighter, with lean muscles for traveling far afoot. A lot of changes are at the microscopic level of our muscle cells, capillaries and the endorphins coursing through our brains. The transformations that are most powerful might…

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Boston Marathon, by boat

Written on May 29th, 2017 By
Category RunWenatchee Blog, Training

By Emerson Peek The mid-December day blossomed with excitement, and it wasn’t even close to being over yet. I’d just completed my first skate skiing lesson in Leavenworth, and the thought of skate skiing becoming the backbone of my winter training plan enthralled me. My end goal? Running strong in my first Boston Marathon…

Winter trail running: The ultimate in resistance

Written on Mar 8th, 2017 By
Category Trail Running, Training

A runner gives back

Written on Jan 14th, 2017 By
Category Training

Turkey on the Run 2016 Results

Written on Nov 24th, 2016 By
Category Events, News, Race Results, Thanksgiving Day Run, Training