Sharing the trail with middle-school runners

Written on Oct 17th, 2017 By
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By Marlene Farrell Coaching middle schoolers in cross country running requires a delicate hand. Every year Coach Eric and I have a band of thoroughbreds ready to hit a trail. They’ll run, with little wasted motion, on and on. The vast majority of these young runners, however, need guidance every step of the way….

Running with Imelda

Written on Jun 29th, 2017 By
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By Marlene Farrell Running improves us in many ways. Some are visible like how our physiques evolve — lighter, with lean muscles for traveling far afoot. A lot of changes are at the microscopic level of our muscle cells, capillaries and the endorphins coursing through our brains. The transformations that are most powerful might…

Stirred by a storm

Written on Apr 14th, 2017 By
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  By Marlene Farrell After a day of mostly sitting (three hours in a car and all-day conference sessions), a window opened — a chance to leap away from my warm drowsy stillness. To run! The weather happened to be crazy. Gales were bombarding the Puget Sound. Being inland by about 15 miles as…

Habits of running are contagious

Written on Dec 10th, 2016 By
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By Marlene Farrell Running gave me an early Christmas present. I unwrapped it on Nov. 1 and it kept growing and amazing me throughout the month. The gift had two parts. One was perseverance (or diligence or grit; it has so many wonderful names). I’ve been running daily for years, only missing a half…

Running as my Ariadne’s thread

Written on Oct 4th, 2016 By
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By Marlene Farrell Running is my spool of Ariadne’s thread. I unwind it as I navigate the unknown corridors of my life’s labyrinth. Its light but strong familiarity reassures me when I stumble and gives me the courage to go around darkened corners. Recently, though my journey is far from over, it feels like…