Hello, beautiful, I’ve missed you

Hello, beautiful, I’ve missed you

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By Marlene FarrellRunWenatchee.com Spring running reacquaints me with old friends. They’ve been patiently waiting for me, shedding white winter coats, displaying their muddy browns with wild abandon. In the past few weeks, I’ve had running dates with Icicle Ridge, 4 the Boys, Rosy Boa, the ditch, Freund Canyon, Mountain Home, Saddle Rock and Sage Hills….

2019 O’Grady’s St. Paddy’s Run results

2019 O’Grady’s St. Paddy’s Run results

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Here are the results of the March 17, 2019, O’Grady’s St. Paddy’s Run at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth: https://www.runwenatchee.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/St.-Paddys-2019-final-results.pdf. The men’s winner was Zane Hernke and the women’s winner was Lindsay Rudolph.

River Run 2018 Official Results

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For the officials results of the 2018 River Run on the Fourth 5K and 10K, please click here.

Red Devil: From the runners themselves

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                        By Marlene Farrell RunWenatchee.com Red Devil is a coming together of fastidious race organizers and us athletes, all with a personal goal in mind, whether it’s our first race or our 100th, whether we’re about to sprint a 10K or slog it out…

Accolades for inaugural Red Devil 50K

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                        By I.C. Blue RunWenatchee.com CASHMERE — It can be hard to spot other runners on the Red Devil Trail Run courses, given the turns in the trails, tree cover, and up and down terrain in the Wenatchee National Forest. But Peter Graf and…