Running Rooster talks Shore to Shore, River Run

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After months of trying, Runwenatchee is pleased to announce we finally secured an exclusive interview with Running Rooster, the veteran marathoner who has completed races in all 50 states and is known for his dictionary-like brain of all things running.

Running Rooster with his coach, Doc Stalwart

When we reached Running Rooster, he had just finished a training jaunt with his coach, Doc Stalwart. With the help of a specially designed microphone that translates Chickenspeak into English, the big bird spoke to us about this Saturday’s Shore to Shore event in Chelan and the Sept. 17 River Run in Wenatchee.

FYI, a rooster can run up to nine miles an hour, compared to the average human, who tops out at seven miles an hour. But we digress. Here is what Running Rooster had to say:

Q: Have you heard about Shore to Shore and River Run?
A: A cockadoodledoo yes to you. Word travels fast among us birds. I’ve since some done pecking along both courses.

Q: What makes the two events special?
A: I’d have to say the views and the close proximity to two famous bodies of water. With Shore to Shore, it’s Lake Chelan, and with River Run, it’s the Columbia River. Everybody around the country has heard of those places but few get the chance to run alongside them in an official event.

Q: Have you ever been to NCW?
A: I have some friends in Wenatchee — Quail and Crow. Good flappers, those two. Plus, I am related to Turkey, who has a rather big role in your Turkey on the Run race in November. I did the Shore to Shore a year ago and the Wenatchee Marathon two years ago. I had a lot of support on power lines and in trees along the way.

Q: How is your training going by the way?
A: Good. Just finished a 16-miler in the heat. Thankfully, I had my heart-rate monitor with me.

Q: Curiosity has gotten the best of us. What’s the fastest you’ve ever run a marathon?
A: Well, I did a 3:05 in Portland. Beat my PR by 15 minutes. I owe it to the fact I was chased by a dog for five miles.

Q: Would you recommend either Shore to Shore or River Run for a newbie?
A: Absolutely. The Shore to Shore Marathon and Half-Marthon are flat and are going to have great aid stations and plenty of support this weekend. The same with the River Run Half-Marathon. And if you’re not up for one of the longer distance runs, there is a 10K at Chelan and a 10K and 5K at Wenatchee. Give one of them a try.

Q: What else stands out for you?
A: I hear the River Run is giving out coupons so runners can get $5 off at the Taste of the Harvest Festival’s wine garden in downtown Wenatchee right after the race. What better way for a participant to soak in their well-earned accomplishment. Plus, I understand the Farmers Market is going to be up on what you folks call “the Ave” for the Harvest Festival. Corn. Peppers. Apples. Melons. That’s my kind of place.

Q: Do you drink wine?
A: Try not to. Don’t want to let my guard down. There is always that coyote around the bend.

Q: Well, thanks much Running Rooster for your time. We’ll be in touch again soon.
A: You, too. Now it’s time for me to take a little rest in the hen house.

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