Track coaches serve as unsung heroes

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  By Marlene Farrell Track and field can be a gateway into lifelong running. Many runners, like me, dabbled in it as teenagers. Some took it seriously, aiming to smash personal or school records. Now that my son is in middle school, he’s giving it a try. Middle school track is ubiquitous now, and…

Results for the 2018 Horse Lake Trail Runs

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For half-marathon results, please click here. For 7-mile results, please click here. For 5-mile results, please click here.  

‘Yin and Yang’ ultra-running duo visits Wenatchee

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By Kyle Almekinder In ongoing efforts to help promote Wenatchee Valley trails and the sport of trail running, Run Wenatchee played host to Portland-based ultra runners Yassine Diboun and Willie McBride on April 20-22. Diboun and McBride, co-founders of Portland’s Wy’east Wolfpack running club, offered a slideshow and chat session on the sport and…

Speaking of feet

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By Marlene Farrell To run well and run far requires applying my body, making it work for me to achieve a goal. I try to take care of the tools that help me train and race. As mileage increases, my quads, hamstrings and calves might yelp in pain, so I foam roll to unwind…

My romance with running

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By Marlene Farrell My relationship with running changes over time. Sometimes I feel the height of passion, when running takes precedence and monopolizes my thoughts. Other times the relationship is very platonic, like I could take or leave it, and runs are a version of “going through the motions.” I can’t predict what will…