A closer look at the Trails In Motion Film Fest lineup

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“Running Wild” is one of nine short films that make up the 2017 Trails In Motion Film Festival.


WENATCHEE — The 2017 lineup includes nine short films — ones that will call your attention to such themes as perseverance, individual quirkiness and trail camaraderie, while showcasing some of the world’s most breathtaking running destinations.

For tickets to the March 24 event at the Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee: http://www.numericapac.org/event/trails-in-motion

Here is a glance at each of the nine films:

One Step At A Time
Run time: 31 minutes
Directed by: Steven Mortinson
Produced by: Pursuit Flms
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
In July of 2016, three ultrarunners attempted to capture a new FKT (Fastest Known Time) across the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Although they ran together, each runner had to cover the full 453-mile long trail on his own two feet. This is their story.

The Hard Way
Run time: 20 minutes
Directed by: Jeremy Lurgio & Erik Peterson
Produced by: Jeremy Lurgio & Erik Peterson
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
The Hard Way is the inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old who runs 30 races each year, cuts his firewood by hand and does things the hard way to remain active and alive. The film follows Bob as he trains for the Bighorn 50k ultra marathon. As Bob pushes 90, the longer 30k and 50k races take a larger toll. How will Bob’s cadence of hard work and intention help him navigate the challenges of aging? The film takes us on a journey that’s about more than running, it teaches us to live life with purpose and momentum.

The Crown Traverse
Run time: 12 minutes
Directed by: Matthew Irving
Produced by: Unscripted Lives
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
A tale of suffering, transcendence and two men named Mike on a quest to find their breaking point. Follow The North Face ultra-runners Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe on their 600-mile run through sketchy solos, whiteouts, and utter exhaustion.

Running Wild
Run time: 8 minutes
Directed by: Danny Schmidt
Produced by: Danny Schmidt Films
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
In February of 2014, a remotely triggered camera in Utah’s rugged Uinta mountains captured a picture of something no one thought possible in the area: a wolverine. This elusive creature hadn’t been spotted here for nearly 40 years. This one photograph set in motion a massive undertaking to find if these badasses of the animal kingdom were setting up shop here for good. Under the guidance of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, ultrarunners took to the mountains setting up and checking camera traps around the ecosystem in search of more photographic evidence. The result? A comprehensive survey of wildlife in the range and a model for citizen science projects everywhere.

ICELAND – Change Your Life
Run time: 17 minutes
Directed by: JC Pieri
Produced by: Mountains Legacy
Language: English
Country of origin: France
This story takes place in Iceland during 20 days capturing sporting life of mountains legacy team, extreme runners and filmmakers. The aim of the movie is to highlight the way of life of those people who decided to live their passion.

A scene from “Thirty Hours”

Thirty Hours
Run time: 13 minutes
Directed by: Alex Massey & Lucus Vazquez
Produced by: The Pool Room
Language: English
Country of origin: USA
Running 100 miles is tough, running 100 miles when you’re 72 years old is unimaginable. Unless you’re Wally Hesseltine. Follow Wally as he pushes his aging body to the absolute limit in his quest to become the oldest ever finisher of the world’s most prestigious ultramarathon – the Western States 100. 100 miles. 30 hours. One unforgettable finish.

Life on the Fells
Run time: 6 minutes
Directed by: James Stevens & Todd Gardner
Produced by: JEGS Media in association with Todd Gardner Media
Language: English
Country of origin: England
A film following the life of Adam Briggs, a passionate fell runner with a unique story to tell. Driven by the events of the past and the constant pull of the mountains, Adam seeks to make the most of the gift he has been given. His life on the fells will take you on a journey through the elements. One which will broaden the mind, strengthen the body, and empower the spirit.

Miles Away
Run time: 5 minutes
Directed by: Dave MacLeod
Produced by: Rare Breed Production
Language: English
Country of origin: England
Alicia Hudelson running in Switzerland and Catalunya and speaking about what running in the mountains means to her.

Mount Marathon
Run time: 10 minutes
Directed by: Dean Leslie
Produced by: Wandering Fever | The African Attachment
Language: English
Country of origin: South Africa
Every 4th of July thousands of people descend on the small harbour town of Seward, Alaska to witness one of the oldest, fastest, hardest, toughest… and shortest mountain races in the world. For years, Rickey Gates has been churning out war stories and legends of the annual Mount Marathon Race to anyone that would listen. In 2015, in the race’s centenary year, Kilian and Emelie finally did.

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