A day of firsts at the Red Devil Trail Runs

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Wenatchee's Travis Dolge moves through the forest during the 2014 Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs event south of Cashmere.


By Steve Maher

CASHMERE — Terence Lee was just a few days a new resident of Seattle when his roommate Peter Harrison threw down the challenge.

“He said, ‘I just won the (Horse Lake) half-marathon a few weeks ago in Wenatchee. You got to get into this trail run series,'” Lee said.

Peter Harrison, left, and Terence Lee, following Sunday's Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs

So off the two former Amherst College buddies went, over the mountains to the Wenatchee National Forest south of Cashmere, where on Sunday they each captured titles — Harrison in the Red Devil Challenge 25-kilometer men’s trail run race and Lee in the Red Devil 10K men’s race.

Harrison, in fact, smashed the 25K course record, finishing in 1 hour, 56 minutes and 43 seconds. The previous mark for the course, which features 3,000 feet elevation gain spread out over 15.5 miles, was 2:01:35 set in 2012 by Wenatchee’s Caleb Ambrose. Marcell McArthur of Pateros was second Sunday in 2:08:43, followed by Barry Hodges of Cashmere in 2:09:02.

Lee was clocked in 48:40 in the 10K. Wenatchee’s Mauro Felizia was second in 56:33 and Wenatchee’s Matt Murphy was third in 56:52.

Harrison has now won the first two long-course races in the three-race Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series. The first event was the Horse Lake Trail Runs in the Wenatchee Foothills on May 10. The final race is the Bavarian Battle Trail Runs on June 22 at Leavenworth. Updated series standings are to be released by RunWenatchee later this week.

“I like this trail alot,” Harrison said, between gulping cups of water at the finish area at the Sandcreek Trailhead in the Wenatchee National Forest. “It was warm and there may have been a thing or two slithering under me. There were a couple ‘steep-ups’ that made it challenging. But the views were great. I’m from New Hampshire originally and this is all new and other worldly to me. I get lost in the views here.”

In the women’s 25K, Leavenworth’s Marlene Farrell won for the fourth straight year, covering the course in 2:14:18. Farrell said she wasn’t in as fit as she was a year ago when she finished in 2:11:41, but still had a good time and found the course in great shape. “I haven’t done a lot of steep stuff. It was hot and I didn’t carry water. I probably should have,” she said.

Natalie Thompson, who moved to Leavenworth five weeks ago from Seattle, finished second in 2:28:14. Wenatchee’s Selina Danko, battling illness, was third in 2:41:27.

Kea Paton won the women's 10K trail run race.

Kea Paton took the women’s 10K race in 51:54. It wasn’t the only first on Sunday for the former Cashmere High School star, who now runs for Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho. She said afterwards it was her first official trail race and her first official 10K in her career.

“It was tough but fun,” Paton said.

Runner-up was Ephrata’s Alice Burck in 53:44. Christine Klingel of East Wenatchee was third in 56:22.

A total of 127 runners, including 23 kids, finished Sunday’s races in warm conditions. More than 30 volunteers, including members of the event’s beneficiary, Chelan County Mountain Rescue, were spread out along the course and start/finish area.

About 33 percent came from outside of Chelan and Douglas counties. Many of the runners, even ones who have lived in the valley for years, expressed amazement at the forest sights and trails.

“That’s a beautiful course,” said Thompson, the second-place finisher in the women’s 25K. “That may be one of the best courses I’ve ever run. That’s part of the reason I moved to Leavenworth. In Seattle, you can trail run but you have to drive some place to get there. In Leavenworth, I can run out of my back door now and hit the trails.”

As for Harrison and Lee, they already are planning for the June 22 Bavarian Battle Trail Runs — the last races in the Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series. They both plan to sign up for the 10-mile run at Leavenworth Ski Hill. Besides a kids race, the other race that day is an 8K run. The trail runs follow by a day the annual Bavarian Battle Adventure Race, also held at the ski hill.

“He’s faster than I am,” Lee said. “But I’m looking forward to running with him and battling it out with him.”

Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs
Wenatchee National Forest
Sunday, June 8
Men’s 25K Trail Run
1. Peter Harrison, 1:56:43
2. Marcell McArthur, 2:08:43
3. Barry Hodges, 2:09:02
4. Anthony Skierkiewicz, 2:10:46
5. George Velazquez, 2:12:06
6. James Leifheit, 2:15:08
7. Felipe Cancino, 2:19:39
8. Michael Linscott, 2:24:19
9. Brent Biggar, 2:28:04
10. Emerson Peek, 2:29:03
11. Brian Carroll, 2:36:05
12. Steve Tidd, 2:39:28
13. Balthazar Sampson, 2:41:17
14. Claton Belmont, 2:41:51
15. Sean Clarke, 2:42:49
16. Kyle Almekinder, 2:48:50
17. Seth Ellis, 2:49:30
18. Corey Stephens, 2:49:43
19. Kevin Critchlow, 2:51:16
20. Jason Lundgren, 2:51:25
21. Steve Schwind, 2:58:25
22. Eddie Edwards, 2:59:48
23. Brent Radford, 3:04:13
24. Rick Wray, 3:28:21
25. Josh Barnes, 3:29:15
26. Eric Small, 3:36:20
27. Larry Varin, 3:43:50
28. Udel Mendoza, 3:50:16
29. Rob Lowry, 4:19:34

Women’s 25K Trail Run
1. Marlene Farrell, 2:14:18
2. Natalie Thompson, 2:28:14
3. Selina Danko, 2:41:27
4. Nora Davis, 2:44:00
5. Cody Graf, 2:52:32
6. Lyndsay Mynatt, 2:55:44
7. Carla Carani, 3:28:37
8. Cora Sturzl, 3:40:03
9. Kandi Lowry, 4:19:34
10. Rachel Holloway, 4:36:24
11. Heidi Westman, 4:41:25
12. Karen Edwards, 4:41:28

Men’s 10K Trail Run
1. Terence Lee, 48:40
2. Mauro Felizia, 56:33
3. Matthew Murphy, 56:52
4. Joe Ross, 58:14
5. Ed Henley, 58:15
6. Ken Walters, 59:11
7. Chris Doehring, 1:00:43
8. Steve Brewer, 1:04:29
9. Emerson Linscott, 1:04:50
10. John Sobba, 1:05:49
11. Troy French, 1:06:41
12. Allexander Smith, 1:07:47
13. Carl Hagerty, 1:08:20
14. Travis Dolge, 1:09:13
15. Bill Mattson, 1:09:26
16. Brian Foster, 1:12:23
17. Mitch Rolen, 1:12:24
18. Dale Blair, 1:19:31
19. Ron Clark, 1:26:46

Women’s 10K Trail Run
1. Kea Paton, 51:54
2. Alice Burck, 53:44
3. Christine Klingel, 56:22
4. Marisol Galeana, 56:42
5. Kristi Karpenko, 58:13
6. Hillary Conner, 58:33
7. Caiti Velazaquez, 59:00
8. Karen Weber, 59:48
9. Stephanie Skaar, 1:00:02
10. Lindsay Kane, 1:00:48
11. Jennifer Hakensen, 1:01:30
12. Jennifer Newman, 1:02:00
13. Jillian Reiner, 1:02:13
14. Delcie Mott, 1:02:14
15. Erin Cooley, 1:03:28
16. Leeza Thomas, 1:03:40
17. Galen Sorom, 1:04:25
18. Lorena Boyd, 1:04:52
19. Angela McCourtie, 1:05:29
20. Robin Walters, 1:05:48
21. Cassandra Minnehan, 1:05:52
21. Jennifer Jorgensen, 1:06:40
22. Niekol Hall, 1:07:15
23. Adria Smart, 1:07:17
24. Nancy Linscott, 1:07:41
25. Sara Deason, 1:08:50
26. Michelle Stoneburner, 1:08:54
27. Amy Kerker, 1:10:40
28. Deborah Hartl, 1:11:17
29. Tandi Canterbury, 1:12:11
30. Emily Bjork, 1:12:25
31. Sarah Sames, 1:13:10
32. Shawna Carrillo, 1:14:36
33. Diane Davis, 1:16:12
34. Wanda Bolerjack, 1:16:23
35. Michelle Housden, 1:16:49
36. Lisa Heminger, 1:17:42
37. Susie Van Den Ameele, 1:19:27
38. Lisa Hoeper, 1:17:42
39. Bailey Bresee, 1:24:54
40. Rebecca Mattson, 1:26:00
41. Sheena Cooper, 1:31:23
42. Tina Thornton, 1:38:21
43. Cathy Rixey, 1:55:01
44. Cindy L. Lee, 1:55:33


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