All eyes were on Horse Lake course

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WENATCHEE — The Horse Lake Trail Runs are known for their abundant vistas and views. That same wide-open landscape provides another benefit for runners — keeping track of their competitors.

Such was the case April 29 as half-marathon men’s winner Caleb Ambrose of Wenatchee and half-marathon women’s winner Marlene Farrell of Leavenworth were keenly aware of where each was on the course — as well as others.

“On the out-and-back and on the switchbacks, you can see everyone,” said Ambrose, who finished in 1 hour, 36 minutes and 52 seconds. “Marlene was the one I was watching. I had visions of her chasing me down, all the way back. She had a pack of guys right behind her but she never let them catch her.”

“All the way to the turnaround, I had two guys behind me,” said Farrell, who was clocked in 1:44:16. “And I thought those two are going to try to pass me. But nope.”

Those two guys were Ed Henley of East Wenatchee (1:47:57) and Ben Bishop of Seattle (1:49:39), the second- and third-place finishers in the men’s half-marathon. On the women’s side, Sarah Parker of Cashmere took second in 1:52:28. Cody Graf of Cashmere was third in 2:07:22.

The Horse Lake Men’s 7-Mile Run was captured by Wenatchee’s Chad McBride in 51:03. McBride was followed by Justin Pinkerton of Washington, Pa., in 54:22 and Udel Mendoza of East Wenatchee in 56:20. Brianne Lapierre of Douglasville, Ga., won the Women’s 7-Mile run in 57:05. Christine Klingel of East Wenatchee was runner-up in 1:00:31 and Carly Morrison of Wenatchee was third in 1:06:00.

For Lapierre, a visiting physical therapist at Confluence Health in Wenatchee, experiencing the race setting at Horse Lake was as important as the victory.

“This is the first time for me running these types of hills,” she said. “There is nothing like this in Georgia. It’s beautiful.”

And in the Horse Lake 5-Mile Run, the winner of the men’s race was Taija Corso of East Wenatchee in 39:26, followed by Sam McManis of Yakima in 41:08 and Ian Morgan of Cashmere in 42:19. The top three finishers in the women’s race were Chuch Bassett of East Wenatchee in 44:35, Breanna Black of Seattle in 50:20 and Erin Davidson of East Wenatchee in 52:44.

“It was an awesome morning,” Corso said. “Wildflowers, sunshine, it was great to get out here.”

For complete half-marathon results, please click here.
For complete 7-mile results, please click here.
For complete 5-mile results, please click here.

Horse Lake Trail Runs
Wenatchee Foothills
April 29

Half-Marathon Men
1. Caleb Ambrose, Wenatchee, 1:36:52
2. Ed Henley, East Wenatchee, 1:47:57
3. Ben Bishop, Seattle, 1:49:39

Half-Marathon Women
1. Marlene Farrell, Leavenworth, 1:44:16
2. Sarah Parker, Cashmere, 1:52:28
3. Cody Graf,  Cashmere, 2:07:22

7-Mile Men
1. Chad McBride, Wenatchee, 51:03
2. Justin Pinkerton, Washington, Pa., 54:22
3. Udel Mendoza, East Wenatchee, 56:20

7-Mile Women
1. Brianne Lapierre, Douglasville, Ga., 57:05
2. Christine Klingel, East Wenatchee, 1:00:31
3. Carly Morrison, Wenatchee, 1:06:00

5-Mile Men
1. Taija Corso, East Wenatchee, 39:26
2. Sam McManis, Yakima, 41:08
3. Ian Morgan, Cashmere, 42:19

5-Mile Women
1. Chuch Bassett, East Wenatchee, 44:35
2. Breanna Black, Seattle, 50:20
3. Erin Davidson, East Wenatchee, 52:44

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