Ambrose, Farrell conquer Red Devil Challenge

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By Steve Maher

Caleb Ambrose held off fellow Wenatchee runner Marcell McArthur to capture the men’s title in the Red Devil Challenge 25-kilometer trail run Sunday near Cashmere.

Red Devil Challenge runners head up the trail early in Sunday's 25-kilometer race in the Cascades south of Cashmere.

Ambrose was clocked in 2:01:35 over the 15.5-mile mountainous course, defeating McArthur (2:03.36), last year’s champion, by about two minutes. Wenatchee’s Chad McBride finished third in 2:06.19.

On the women’s side, Leavenworth’s Marlene Farrell defended her crown, claiming first place with a time of 2:18.52. She was followed by Wenatchee’s Selena Danko in 2:21.19 and Cashmere’s Valerie Kato in 2:49.28.

It was the last tune-up for Farrell before she heads to the U.S. Half-Marathon Championships in Duluth, Minn., later this month.

“I felt good,” she said.

Under partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50s and low 60s, runners christened a new and longer course on the single-track Red Devil and Devil’s Gulch trails in the Cascades south of Cashmere. Last year, the event was 20 kilometers long (12.4 miles).

The race features about 4,000 feet in elevation gain over the duration.

Most of that climbing is now done in the first 6 miles. A year ago it occurred in the latter part of the event.

“I loved having the big hill first,” Danko said.

Red Devil top three female finishers: Marlene Farrell of Leavenworth, first, center in photo; Selena Danko of Wenatchee, second, left; Valerie Kato of Cashmere, third, right.

McArthur led early on but Ambrose passed him about 20 minutes into their run. The two last had contact at the 5-mile aid station when Ambrose spotted McArthur approaching as he was ready to depart.

“I was expecting Marcell to barrel down on me, but he never did,” Ambrose said. “I think I put some distance on him on the downhill.”

McArthur said he knew it would be difficult catching Ambrose after he developed that early lead.

“He is a strong runner,” he said. “But I kept seeing the lupine and kept thinking it was him in his blue shirt. So that kept me going.”

Red Devil top male finishers: Caleb Ambrose of Wenatchee, first, center in photo; Marcell McArthur of Wenatchee, second, left; Chad McBride of Wenatchee, third, right.

 2012 Red Devil Challenge official results (finishers only)

Place    Name     Time

1. Caleb Ambrose 2:01:35.8

2. Marcell McArthur 2:03:36.3

3. Chad McBride 2:06:19.1

4. Will Young 2:12:05.9

5. Marlene Farrell 2:18:52.5

6. Steve Tidd 2:21:19.1

7. Selena Danko 2:21:58.5

8. Andrew Holm 2:28:27.1

9. John Scarfiotti 2:29:39.8

10. Brent Biggar 2:31:00.1

11. Bob Perry 2:35:27.7

12. Shane Cass 2:38:00.4

13. Michael Tonge 2:39:34.3

14. Steve Schwind 2:39:58.3

15. Josh Diede 2:40:03.8

16. Valerie Kato 2:49:28.5

17. Patrick Grengs 2:50:08.4

18. Jamie Paskowski 2:50:25.9

19. Tove Paskowski 2:50:26.5

20. Tim Jeffris 2:50:39.4

21. Chris Smith 2:55:20.0

22. Larry Varin 2:58:34.4

23. Dave Ruddell 2:59:12.9

24. Andy Sheets 3:00:05.4

25. Jane Davis 3:01:05.7

26. Lyndsay Mynatt 3:01:23.7

27. Laura Sanderson 3:01:52.6

28 Tamaria Sanderson 3:01:53.3

29. Carrie Ballard 3:05:07.6

30. Rachel Leisso 3:07:46.2

31. Barb Kelly-Ringel 3:08:03.4

32. Christine Estrada 3:08:12.8

33. Charlene Belles 3:08:56.5

34. Jaymi Yazzolino 3:09:04.7

35. Emelia Burgess 3:12:58.0

36. Aileen Hale 3:14:53.9

37. Patti Jones 3:14:55.3

38 Garrett Harasek 3:14:56.2

39 Brian Izdepski 3:14:56.6

40. Scott Slutka 3:20:25.9

41. Amy Gence 3:20:58.7

42. Brent Kokes 3:21:10.8

43. Andy Mesler 3:29:48.5

44. Nate Mesler 3:29:48.9

45. Susan Sisson 3:35:20.6

46. Albert Hair 3:35:30.0

47. Justin Helm 3:39:00.3

48. Karen Edwards 3:40:07.7

49. Rachel Holloway 3:40:08.8

50. Susie Van Den Amelee 3:40:25.9

51. Sabra Siltman 3:58:55.5





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