Trails In Motion Film Fest hits Wenatchee on April 12

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A scene from the "Mile to Mile" film, one of seven that will be shown during the Trails In Motion Film Festival at Wenatchee's Numerica Performing Arts Center on April 12.

WENATCHEE — RunWenatchee will host the international Trails In Motion Film Festival at 7 p.m. April 12 at the Numerica Performing Arts Center in downtown Wenatchee.

Presented by the Volyn Law Firm, the event features seven trail running films shot around the world with themes that range from adventure and endurance to personal discovery and community. Total running time for the seven films is two hours.

“Trail running is a great way for people to get outdoors and to view our region’s natural beauty,” said Joel Rhyner of RunWenatchee “The sport also is entertaining as heck as the films in this festival illustrate. The films are quite good and were shot around the world in some jaw-dropping locations.”

“What’s important to us is that our audiences get to socialize with like-minded people, away from the typical race-day environment, and in doing so leave with a true sense of inspiration and excitement about the sport,” said James Hallett, Trails in Motion tour director.

Trails In Motion will feature the following films in Wenatchee:

“Mile for Mile”
Run time:
15 minutes
Country of origin: USA
Description: Ultrarunners Krissy Moehl, Jeff Browning and Luke Nelson run 106 miles through the newly opened Patagonia Park in Chile, to celebrate and highlight Conservacion Patagonica’s efforts to re-wild and protect this vast landscape.

“Nuevos Pasos”
Run time:
7 minutes
Country of origin: France
Description: The film is a look at Spanish ultra runner Luis Alberto Hernando’s dedication to running and at how he mixes competing at a high level with the joy of sharing adventures.

“A Journey to Black Mountain”
Run time:
14 minutes
Country of origin: South Africa
Description: Accomplished American ultra runner Scott Jaime traveled to South Africa to embark on a trail running adventure through the heart of the iconic Swartberg Mountains, and surrounding Karoo region in the Western Cape, all the while discovering some inner truths about why he runs.

“This Is Your Day”
Run time:
50 minutes
Country of origin: USA
Description: The film follows three unique individuals in one of the most storied 100-mile races in the world, the Western States Endurance Run: A mother, a competitive age grouper, and an elite facing the pressures as a defending champion.

“Shandi Kano/Be Bold”
Run time:
3 minutes
Country of origin: USA
Description: This film is about Shandi Kano’s comeback after the high pressures of competitive running and witnessing the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

“Kroger’s Canteen”
Run time:
7 minutes
Country of origin: South Africa
Description: In 2014, Kilian Jornet won the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run through the San Juans of Colorado. Along the way he stopped at Kroger’s Canteen – an aid station perched on a tiny ledge, 13,100 feet above sea level. This is a story about that aid station and about the people that make it happen.

“The Last Time I Heard True Silence”
Run time:
22 minutes
Country of origin: USA
Description: Noah Cass, a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, suffers from issues common to veterans transitioning into civilian life. After losing more friends to suicide than in war, he decides to do a 50-mile wilderness race after only completing one 26-mile marathon prior. This race represents the journey a young soldier has to face to help cope with a past that haunts him every day.

During the April 12 event at the PAC, RunWenatchee will be raffling numerous prizes during intermission. Beer and wine will be available through the PAC.

Tickets are $12 online (available at and at RunWenatchee’s club runs held each Thursday evening at First and Columbia streets. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

The film festival also will serve as the kickoff event for RunWenatchee’s annual Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series, which begins with the Horse Lake Trail Runs in the Wenatchee Foothills on May 1. Other runs in the series include the Red Devil Challenge Trail Runs in the Wenatchee National Forest south of Cashmere (May 22), the Dark Side Festival Trail Runs at Mission Ridge (Sept. 24), and the Oktoberfest Trail Runs at Leavenworth (Oct. 15).

For a trailer on the Trails In Motion Film Festival:

For more on the Trail Run Series:

"A Journey to Black Mountain," set in South Africa, is one of the seven films that make up the Trails In Motion Film Festival on April 12 at the Numerica Performing Arts Center in Wenatchee.

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