Trail Run Series rules and prize money

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In 2014, the Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series, presented by Volyn Law of Wenatchee, will combine two existing events — the May 10 Horse Lake Half Marathon and 5-Mile Trail Runs in the Wenatchee Foothills near Wenatchee and the June 8 Red Devil Challenge 25K and 10K Trail Runs near Cashmere — with a new race, the June 22 Bavarian Battle 10-Mile and 8K Trail Runs at the Leavenworth Ski Hill.

Chad McBride, right, and Andy Johnson at the 2013 Horse Lake Trail Run in the Wenatchee Foothills.

As part of the series, RunWenatchee will be offering prize money to the winners (male and female) of the overall series in both short-course and long-course divisions.

The money will be divided as follows:

Long Course Division — First place (men and women): $200 each; second place (men and women): $100 each; third place (men and women): $50 each.

Short Course Division — First place (men and women): $100 each; second place (men and women): $50 each; third place (men and women): $25 each.

Here are the rules:

Each runner must choose a division, and must complete at least two of three races in that designated division to be considered for the series prize money. They are as follows:

Long Course Division: Horse Lake Half-Marathon, Red Devil 25K and Bavarian Battle 10-Mile

Short Course Division: Horse Lake 5-Mile, Red Devil 10K and Bavarian Battle 8K

The top 10 finishers, men and women, of each race will be given points (i.e. 10 points for first, 9 points for second, 8 points for third, and so on). At the end of the Bavarian Battle Trail Runs, the total points will be tallied and the runners with the top three total points in each division will be announced (for more on how the points will be totaled, see comment from series director Joel Rhyner below). If there is a tie, the overall placing will be determined by cumulating each runners finishing times and the runner with the fastest cumulative time will be awarded the position.

“Runners do not need to complete in all three events in order to qualify for prize money,” said Joel Rhyner, race series director. “Rather, it will be best two out of three. For example, if a runner did Horse Lake and scored 8 points, then runs Red Devil and scores 2 points, their total would be 10. If they then chose to run Bavarian Battle to try and improve their point total, and scored 6 points, we would then drop the lowest score and total their two highest. Additionally, if they miss a race due to other commitments, but are able to compete in two races, their point totals will still count towards the prize-money competition. We hope this allows more runners to stay in the competition.”

In addition, there will be a RunWenatchee “Any Trail Runner Award,” given to both a male trail runner and a female trail runner who compete in all three races, any distance, may not be the fastest, but show the will and determination to finish a trail run series, all with a smile on their faces! This award is chosen by the race directors at the end of the June 22 Bavarian Battle Trail Runs, the final event in the series.

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