About Us

RunWenatchee is all things running and walking in the Wenatchee Valley and Chelan and Douglas counties. We put on official road and trail races each year, along with weekly Thursday night club runs/walks, and weekly track workouts. Our programs help people get more fit, attract tourism dolĀ­lars to the region, and generate money for local nonprofits.

Through these efforts, RunWenatchee embraces not only the sport of running, but also this incredible region along the east slopes of the North Cascades.


Steve Maher

A childhood nickname: Mr. Hoover
Favorite runner of all-time: Steve Prefontaine
Favorite trail within a 50-mile radius of Wenatchee: Little Giant Pass
The main reason you run: It clears my mind of clutter.
Song that best describes your running style: Bob Marley's "Exodus"
Three things on your bucket list: Run through Joshua Tree; See a wolf in the wild; Write a novel
Favorite RunWenatchee race: Horse Lake
Best running memory: Edging my brother by a few seconds in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon


Kristy Allen

A childhood nickname: K.J.
Favorite runner of all-time: David Goggins
Favorite trail within a 50-mile radius of Wenatchee: Lake Valhalla
The main reason you run: The feeling of accomplishment after I've gone further than I ever thought possible.
Three things on your bucket list: San Francisco Half-Marathon; Travel to every NFL Stadium; Visit every state
Favorite RunWenatchee race: Red Devil
Best running memory: Finishing my first half-marathon in Hawaii