Walking 750 miles to fight war and disease

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These are the boots that Jeff Stilwell has been breaking in over the past few weeks in anticipation of his 750 mile walking journey to Yellowstone.

By Steve Maher

WENATCHEE — A Seattle man is embarking Sunday on a journey of a lifetime; a journey that is likely to be lonely at times but is all about togetherness.

Jeff Stilwell is aiming to walk 750 miles over the next several weeks, beginning just west of Leavenworth and ending at Old Faithful in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. He will pass through the Wenatchee Valley on Monday and Tuesday, during legs 1 and 2 of what he is calling the “Lightning March for Humanity.”

Jeff Stilwell

“He wants to inspire people to come together to solve the problems before us,” says Manya Vee, director of the Edmonds-based Fullness Circles Foundation, which is supporting Stilwell’s trek. “Jeff believes that together we can change the world. We can eliminate war and disease if we set our minds to it. He always says, ‘We are humanity. Whatever the problem, together we can fix it.’

“History tells us that when enough people agree on something, it changes,” Vee adds. “Sometimes it’s a revolution to get rid of a cruel dictator. Sometimes, it’s a decision to set aside particular pieces of land to be protected because of their natural beauty. And all kinds of other things.”

Stilwell will begin his trek at 8 a.m. Sunday at the Kustom Knives shop along Highway 2 between Stevens Pass and Leavenworth. He will travel 25 miles the first day to Leavenworth.

On Monday, he will depart Leavenworth’s Alpine View RV Park for Wenatchee Confluence State Park. On Tuesday, he will walk from Wenatchee to Crescent Bar near Quincy.

He and his support team are encouraging others, even strangers, to join him on his daily jaunts. Relay drivers will pick up those who don’t want to do the daily full route, with pickups at 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. For more on his route, please click here.

“Join him for part of the journey and to enjoy a unique diversion,” Vee says. “Also, it would be so nice if he had some people to chat with on such a long journey. People can walk with him all or part of the way.”

For more info on Stilwell’s trek, please visit his website or his Facebook page.

Walking 750 miles to fight war and disease

Written on Jun 19th, 2015 by , Category News

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