With prize money dangling, trail series shifts to Cashmere

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Marlene Farrell sits atop the Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series women's long-course standings after one event.


By Steve Maher

WENATCHEE — More than $1,000 in prize money is up for grabs in the Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series, and — thanks to their showings at the Horse Lake Trail Runs on May 10 — four runners are a step ahead in nabbing some of that cash.

Topping the long-course standings are Peter Harrison of Seattle (men) and Marlene Farrell of Leavenworth (women). Leaders in the short-course standings are Taija Corso of East Wenatchee (men) and Alice Burck of Ephrata (women).

With two races to go, Seattle's Peter Harrison leads the men's long-course standings.

Next up in the RunWenatchee-organized series are the June 8 Red Devil Challenge 25K and 10K Trails Runs in the Wenatchee National Forest south of Cashmere. The series concludes June 22 with the Bavarian Battle 10-Mile and 8K Trails Runs at Leavenworth Ski Hill.

The standings are determined by giving points to top finishers, based on order of finish. At each race, first place is worth 10 points, second place is worth 9 points, third place is worth 8 points, all the way down to ninth place, which is worth 2 points. All other finishers get 1 point.

“Runners do not need to complete in all three events in order to qualify for prize money,” said Joel Rhyner, race series director. “Rather, it will be best two out of three. For example, if a runner did Horse Lake and scored 8 points, then runs Red Devil and scores 2 points, their total would be 10. If they then chose to run Bavarian Battle to try and improve their point total, and scored 6 points, we would then drop the lowest score and total their two highest. Additionally, if they miss a race due to other commitments, but are able to compete in two races, their point totals will still count towards the prize-money competition. We hope this allows more runners to stay in the competition.”

At the end of all three races, the winners of the long-course division (both men and women) will receive $200 each, with second-place finishers collecting $100 each and third-place finishers going home with $50 each. In the short-course division, the male and female winners will receive $100 each, runner-ups will get $50 each and the third-place finishers $25 each.

“There also will be a ‘Trail Runner Award’ given to a male runner and a female runner who compete in all three races and who exhibit will power and determination — and all with smiles on their faces,” Rhyner said.

Wenatchee's Mike Broxson begins the descent to the finish line at the May 10 Horse Lake Half-Marathon.

Here is a look at the standings after the Horse Lake Trail Runs:

Wenatchee Valley Trail Run Series
Long-Course Division Standings
Total points
Peter Harrison, Seattle, 10
Marcell McArthur, Pateros, 9
Caleb Ambrose, Wenatchee, 8
Andy Johnson, Wenatchee, 7
Linden Klein, Seattle, 6
David Reese, 5
Chad McBride, Wenatchee, 4
Mike Broxson, Wenatchee, 3
James Leifheit, Leavenworth, 2

Long-Course Division Standings
Total points
Marlene Farrell, Leavenworth, 10
Sarah Barkley, Wenatchee, 9
Laura Valaas, Wenatchee, 8
Lynda Finegold, Wenatchee, 7
Elsa Sargent, Seattle, 6
Selina Danko, Wenatchee, 5
Kelsey Ferguson, Medina, 4
Sarah Parker, Driggs, Idaho, 3
Sibylle Wilbert, San Mateo, Calif., 2

Short-Course Division Standings
Total points
Taija Corso, East Wenatchee, 10
Matthew Tangeman, Wenatchee, 9
Ben Martin, Wenatchee, 8
Craig Vander Hart, Wenatchee, 7
Kyle Almekinder, Wenatchee, 6
Ian Morgan, Bozeman, Mont., 5
Jake Larson, Wenatchee, 4
Matthew Smith, Tonasket, 3
Mike Cummings, 2

Short-Course Division Standings
Total points
Alice Burck, Ephrata, 10
Heidi Loewen, Wenatchee, 9
Addy Simonet, Chelan, 8
Amanda Kercmar, Seattle, 7
Ann Hendrickson, Wenatchee, 6
Kristi Karpenko, Leavenworth, 5
Danika Johnson, Tonasket, 4
Elizabeth Mullan, Seattle, 3
Lindsay Kane, East Wenatchee, 2

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