Local runner Danko claims Wenatchee Marathon title

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By Steve Maher

WENATCHEE — Portland’s Jonathan Sipling and Wenatchee’s Selina Danko captured top honors Saturday as the eighth-annual Wenatchee Marathon and Half-Marathon went off without a hitch under sunny skies.

Sipling easily won the men’s marathon in 2 hours, 39.45 minutes, beating second-place finisher Michael Berquist of Medical Lake by more than 12 minutes.

Danko came away with the women’s marathon title in a time of 3:15.53. Finishing second was Debbie Gibson in 3:22.10.

In the half-marathon, Rob Pritchett of Ellensburg came in first among the men in 1:16.47, and Leavenworth’s Marlene Farrell was tops among the women in 1:23.21.

In the 10K race, Ryan Freimuth, a former Wenatchee High School and WSU runner, won in 32.16. On the women’s side, Colleen Miller came in first in 42.10.

The annual event, the city’s largest race, begins and ends at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Wenatchee. Except for the first half-mile, the race is held on the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail along the Columbia River.

For complete race results, visit www.accustatsportstiming.com/results.asp.

Here are the top 10 finishers in each of Saturday’s races.

Wenatchee Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K results
Men’s marathon

1. Jonathan Sipling, 2:39.45

2. Michael Bergquist, 2:52.00

3. Scott Paul, 2:58.29

4. Joel Braman, 3:04.49

5. Grant Scull, 3:07.44

6. Bryan Robertson, 3:20.27

7. Brett Wittner, 3:21.07

8. Nicholas Barrett, 3:22.15

9. Landan Garcia, 3:26.42

10. Peter Reece, 3:30.33


Men’s half-marathon

1. Rob Pritchett, 1:16.47

2. Haven Barnes, 1:18.04

3. Caleb Ambrose, 1:18.46

4. Marcell McArthur, 1:22.32

5. Abraham Tobon, 1:25.22

6. Dan Vincent, 1:25.51

7. Brent Biggar, 1:26.20

8. Curtis Grant, 1:29.28

9. Jake Bauer, 1:30.18

10. Stephen Mazurkiewicz, 1:30.59


Men’s 10K

1. Ryan Freimuth, 32.16

2. Scott Strang, 35:36

3. Randy Klein, 35:37

4. Andy Lefriec, 36:41

5. Cody Hoskins, 37:24

6. Eric Olson, 38:36

7. Thomas Hansen, 42:15

8. Rod Martin, 42:43

9. Don Stone, 43:16

10. Scott Sundberg, 43:49


Women’s marathon

1. Selina Danko, 3:15.53

2. Debbie Gibson, 3:22.10

3. Miranda Thygesen, 3:37.13

4. Miranda Bachman, 3:51.05

5. Dominique Wilmore, 3:51.22

6. Amy Shay, 3:51.23

7. Stacey LaDoux, 3:52.28

8. Jane Davis, 3:55.49

9. Catherine Greer, 3:59.53

10. Shalise Reid, 4:00.11


Women’s half-marathon

1. Marlene Farrell, 1:23.21

2. Janet Flanagan, 1:24.08

3. Sarah Barkley, 1:28.08

4. Lori Buratto, 1:28.14

5. Patty Bredice, 1:33.56

6. Rachel Snow, 1:34.48

7. Melissa Schurger, 1:36.12

8. Danielle Nestor, 1:37.43

9. Kelsee Berschauer, 1:38.06

10. Carmen Johnson, 1:38.26


Women’s 10K

1. Colleen Miller, 42.10

2. Corina Gebbers, 45.31

3. Karen Weber, 45.44

4. Casi Tarr, 47.02

5. Stephanie Moore, 47.07

6. Angelique Ortiz, 47.22

7. Jennifer Hamsher, 47.29

8. Stacy O’Daffer, 47.44

9. Toni Lutz, 47.49

10. Pat Warner, 48.11



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  • Randy Klein April 22nd, 2012

    I got 2nd in the 10k, 1.2 seconds ahead of Scott. Eric from AccuStat said they got it wrong. In fact, they didn’t have me on there at all at first! Kinda like Turkey on the Run when I got 3rd and they put me at 248th. Moral of the story: for ACCURATE TIMING, don’t run local Wenatchee races. BuDu and AccuStat have gotten my time/place wrong in EVERY race I’ve run in. But I know place doesn’t matter and the races are still fun. Plus, that’s why I have a watch!

  • Amanda Such April 23rd, 2012

    I was a little bummed by time is noted? I signed up in the am and my bib matches up on the results sheet with my name but there is no time. My watch told me what my pace was and the time was pretty close but I’d like to know for sure to include standsings with my age group?

  • RunWenatchee April 30th, 2012

    Randy, sorry to hear about your timing issues. BuDu and Accustat time dozens of races around the northwest, not just in Wenatchee, so it is not just a Wenatchee problem. The chips have changed recently, most are on the back of bib numbers, which may be an issue in missed timing, I don’t know. The bottom line is we, as race directors, try and take every issue and fix it, but some of which is out of our control. It is not a perfect science and unfortunately, some of the runners may get a wrong time or place and we will do everything we can to correct it. Thanks for the feedback and see you again soon.

    Joel Rhyner

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