Red Devil Challenge 2011 Results

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The 1st Annual Red Devil Challenge served up a little bit of everything for 50 trail runners that took on the Red Devil trail outside of Cashmere, WA on Sunday, June 5th.  The weather was predicted to be sunny and hot, but mother nature was looking down on the runners with high overcast skies and temps in the 50’s and 60’s, perfect for running. The first 5 miles set the stage for the day with Marcell McArthur setting an early, blistering pace over the rolling first section. At the first check point, he had a nearly 9 minute lead and never looked back, finishing the 14.3 mile course in a smoking fast 1:49:57. The second group of runners at the first check in  included Steve Tidd, Eric Kutter, Brent Biggar and lead female runner, Marlene Farrell.  The next section was definitely the hardest, with a 4.5 mile climb, followed by over 4 miles of technical downhill running, which gave Steve Tidd the edge and he took advantage of it, putting over a minute into Kutter and two minutes over Farrell, to finish in second with an excellent 2:04:51.  Eric Kutter from Samammish took third at 2:06:04. Michael Broxson had a strong second half and caught up to the group and finished 4th in 2:06:18. Marlene Farrell of Leavenworth, took top honors for the females, finishing 5th overall in 2:07:58.  Keri Gross of Leavenworth was the 2nd female runner across the line, in 2:22:00, followed shortly by Selina Danko in 2:23:00 for 3rd place in the female category.  Valerie Kato and Charlene Belles, one the relay division, in a time of 2:39:15.  Overall, a great day for all Red Devil Runners, with many finishing their very first trail run.  Full results are below.  This event benefittedRunning To Burundi, and we are proud to contribute over $250, back to this fantastic humanitarian project.  Thank you to our fantastic volunteers and sponsors!  2011 Red Devil Challenge Sponsors include:  RunWenatchee, Project Groundworks, Volyn Law, Momentum Brewing, Arlberg Sports and the Inner Circle Gym.

2011 Red Devil Challenge Results(14.3 miles)

  1. Marcell McArthur      Wenatchee, WA    1:49:57
  2. Steve Tidd            Wenatchee, WA    2:04:51
  3. Eric Kutter           Samammish, WA    2:06:04
  4. Michael Broxson       Wenatchee, WA    2:06:18
  5. Marlene Farrell       Leavenworth,WA   2:07:58
  6. Doug Wood             Wenatchee, WA    2:15:35
  7. Ryan Peterson         E. Wenatchee, WA 2:16:30
  8. Brent Biggar         Wenatchee, WA    2:18:35
  9. Paul Ringsrud         Langley, WA      2:22:00
  10. Keri Gross            Leavenworth, WA  2:23:00
  11. Selina Danko          Wenatchee, WA    2:32:21
  12. Breanna Sicher        Wenatchee, WA    2:32:25
  13. Michael Hisey         Yakima, WA       2:34:10
  14. Keith Austin          Leavenworth, WA  2:36:18
  15. Stephanie Astell      Leavenworth, WA  2:36:18
  16. Team Kato/Belles      Cashmere, WA     2:39:15
  17. Ryan Kirwan           Wenatchee, WA    2:43:10
  18. Rachek Leisso         Leavenworth, WA  2:43:58
  19. Andrew Sheets         Wenatchee, WA    2:44:02
  20. Team DeMarco          Wenatchee, WA    2:44:10
  21. Erin Smith            Leavenworth, WA  2:45:37
  22. Karl Rowland          Wenatchee, WA    2:48:00
  23. Troy Lindsey          E. Wenatchee, WA 2:54:43
  24. Richard Knowles       Haines, OR       2:55:02
  25. Laura Valaas          E. Wenatchee, WA 3:02:35
  26. Becky Mahon           Leavenworth, WA  3:02:36
  27. Jayme Smithers        Vancouver, WA    3:03:12
  28. Tove Pashkowski       Vancouver, WA    3:03:14
  29. Susie Van Den Ameele  Seattle, WA      3:11:50
  30. Debbie Newell         Kenmore, WA      3:14:04
  31. Joshua Gibbs          Wenatchee, WA    3:13:04
  32. Travis Dolge          Wenatchee, WA    3:20:07
  33. Team Siltman/Odenrider Cashmere, WA    3:22:30
  34. Chad Sullivan         Wenatchee, WA    3:23:09
  35. Stacia Marks          Wenatchee,WA     3:23:09
  36. Andrew Toth           Wenatchee, WA    3:28:22
  37. Team Eckert/Stoneburner Wenatchee, WA  3:28:22
  38. David Tallent         Kenmore, WA      3:31:06
  39. George Wiggins        Bremerton, WA    3:31:06
  40. Karen Wiggins         Bremerton, WA    3:31:07
  41. Christopher Ward-Guthire Okanagon, WA  3:39:05
  42. Rachel Pashkowski     Wenatchee,WA     3:47:42
  43. Christine Quinn       Leavenworth,WA   3:47:57
  44. Herb Siltman          Cashmere, WA     4:05:00


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