Running routes in Wenatchee

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By Charlie Hickenbottom

Route 1

From a base near Columbia Elementary School in Wenatchee, I have developed a series of running routes in nearby neighborhoods. These suit my needs for runs varying in time from 20 minutes to more than an hour depending upon choice of route and running speed. Residential streets are featured. Availability of crosswalks and/or controlled intersections are considered in routes that cross arterials. Some streets do not have sidewalks; run facing traffic if running on the street surface.

1. Okanogan, Circle, Fuller, Washington streets – 4.78 miles

This route features a close-up view of the foothills south and west of Circle Street. The busiest crossings are at Russell, Orondo, Crawford, each twice. Fuller and Kittitas are used to their full extent, rather than busier Miller and Okanogan.

2. Fifth, Western, Castlerock, Franklin streets – 3.68 miles

This somewhat rectangular route uses Fifth and Western as two of its sides, yet avoids traveling more than a few blocks on either of these busy arterials. Miller must be crossed twice, once at First Street at a controlled intersection and also at Idaho, where a crosswalk is available.

Route 2

3. Fifth, Western, Cherry, Franklin streets – 4.16 miles

This route is a longer version of the previous route, extending south as far as Cherry. Miller must be crossed twice, once at First Street at a controlled intersection and also at Idaho, where a crosswalk is available. (See below for Route 3 map)

4. Kittitas, Skyline, Western, Castlerock streets – 4.83 miles

The route is characterized by the sweeping views of the river valley from scenic Skyline Drive. Skyline is steep and narrow in places, not for inexperienced runners. Cross Miller at a sidewalk at Idaho and on a sidewalk at a four-way stop at Red Apple. Russell must be crossed at Kittitas and Orondo at Idaho. (See below for Route 4 map)

Route 5

5. Kittitas, Crawford, South Hills Drive, Idaho streets – 4.23 miles

The route features South Hills Drive, a quiet and scenic residential road. Swing by St. Joseph’s School to avoid some of the mileage on Cherry. Cross Miller at Idaho and Crawford at sidewalks. Cross Orondo at Idaho at a crosswalk.

6. Franklin, Fifth, Pershing, Millerdale streets – 4.22 miles

This route features a long north/south section through quiet neighborhood streets of Pershing, Pickens, John, Lowe and Lambert. Miller Street is crossed at First Street at a controlled intersection and at Idaho by crosswalk. The northern portion could be varied by following Fifth by a longer portion of Wenatchee Valley College.

Route 6

7. Franklin, Washington, Western, Castlerock streets – 2.74 miles

This is one of the shorter routes of the bunch, featuring a long portion of Castlerock. Miller Street is crossed at a controlled intersection at Washington and at a crosswalk at Idaho. (See below for Route 7 map)

8. Kittitas-South Hills Drive-Skyline-Western-Idaho streets – 5.32 miles

The hilly terrain and sometimes narrow streets of South Hills Drive and Skyline Drive must be considered. When no shoulder or sidewalk is available, I run facing traffic in the on-coming lane. As a car approaches, I move out to the edge of the roadway. Great views on a hilly route, but not for the inexperienced runner.

Route 8

9. Washington-Lowe-Stevens-Fuller streets – 3.97 miles

This route passes by Washington Park, then uses a series of quiet streets to eventually reach Wenatchee High School. You can cross Miller at a sidewalk at the south portion of the school bus zone, then use Stevens and Fuller, passing by Pioneer Park and the city pool.

Route 9










Route 3


Route 4


Route 7























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