The ‘100-run club’

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By Steve Maher

Over the next couple weeks, RunWenatchee will be honoring the first two runners to reach the 100-run mark at our weekly club run. As of Feb. 20, Patty Cone had completed 99 runs and Rachel Findlay had finished 98 runs since we started the event way back on Jan. 3, 2013, These are remarkable achievements in and by themselves. But considering RunWenatchee has held a total of 107 club runs since the event’s start, it makes hitting the 100-run milestone an absolutely phenomenal feat for Patty and Rachel.

Major kudos to them! The same goes for others moving closer to the century mark! We have a special gift awaiting everyone who does hit 100.

Given the nature of our club runs – which are for everyone, whether they are runners or walkers, super fit or getting fit – RunWenatchee will never turn our weekly club run/walk event into a competition. Still, it is good every once in awhile to pay tribute to those who have been so dedicated for so long. As of Feb. 20, here is a look at who has finished the most Thursday night runs/walks:

1. Patty Cone, 99
2. Rachel Findlay, 98
3. Carl Hagerty, 88
3. Nick Hinch, 88
3. Angela Allyn, 88
6. Dave Allyn, 86
7. Christy Burton, 83
8. Tianna Sandhop, 82
9. Frank Cone, 70
10. Kathy Christman, 69
10. Sarah Ferrians, 69
12. Karl Rowland, 68
13. Rod Martin, 67
14. Michelle Harrison, 62
15. Dave Rudell, 62

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