The Running Mama: The Dreams of a New Parent

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Have you ever had a subscription to Runner’s World magazine?  I personally love the magazine when I buy it off the shelf periodically.  The problem that I’ve found with having a subscription is that the same material (or similar material) is repeated over and over.  I feel like I’m reading the same information each month!  When I pick up the magazine every few months, I must forget most of the material and enjoy it so much more.

Learning from my experience with this magazine (which, now that I think about it, is my experience with most magazines), I have decided that the subject of this blog post is not necessarily going to focus on running.  The focus for this blog is going to be my favorite subject of all time:  my nine-month-old, Maddux.  Doesn’t every parent LOVE to talk about his or her kids?

We’re starting to see glimpses of Maddux’s personality and disposition.  These little glimpses spur on great dreams about what he’s going to do with his life.

For example, Maddux loves the jogging stroller.  Additionally, even though he cannot yet even walk, he loves to kick his legs, especially when he’s taking a bath.  I perceive his leg motions clearly running motions.  This, to me, means that he is going to be a great runner, probably an Olympic runner.

My husband, on the other hand, is a bike lover.  The same leg motions that I perceive as Maddux running, my husband sees a clear biking motion.  While I don’t totally agree with him, I wouldn’t be opposed to heading to France each July to watch our son in the Tour.

We also started swim lessons this winter (rather learning to play in the water, but I digress).  I remember that first lesson.  While changing him into his Little Swimmer waterproof diapers in the changing room, I couldn’t help but think that we may just have the next Michael Phelps on our hands.  While my dream hasn’t completely died, he really didn’t even want to get his hands wet that first day.  It also has become clear that the favorite part of the class is playing with the little rubber duck.

Hum, maybe a triathlete?  That would be fine.  Maybe I should reserve a spot for training with SET Coaching for the 2028 season.

Over my objection, my husband has him watching PGA tournaments on television and is ready to fit him for golf clubs about the time he’s able to walk.  I can’t complain too much, however, since Maddux going pro and supporting us could not be all bad.  I like the Masters!

All of these athletic endeavors (we’re sure) will be coupled with huge contributions to society:  Finding a cure for cancer, saving the American economy, ending world hunger are all pursuits we’ve approved for him.

Isn’t every parent with me here?  Isn’t it nice to DREAM??!!


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