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Written on Jan 11th, 2011 by , Category Training

As many of you know, RunWenatchee co founder Martha Amrine had baby Maddux in 2010 and has resumed her running routine. She has created this wonderful new blog to chronicle her journey back to running form with help from the Boss Man.  Who is the Boss Man? Well, check out her blog to find out. Enjoy!

As most of you can relate, I’ve had my fast days and I’ve had my slow days.  And after having a baby in June and some injuries during the last year, I feel as though I have redefined “slow”. 

I’ve been thinking about how I get back to my fast days.  I recently came to the conclusion to contact Jason Jablonski @ SET Coaching (herein “Boss” or better yet, let’s call him “Boss Man”).  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an Olympic level athlete for Boss Man to take you on as a client (thankfully!).  Boss Man and I recently met to talk about training and to set some goals.

 My first workout with Boss Man was that much-dreaded weight workout.  But, let’s see, since 75% of the time I am struggling with one injury or anther, I’m thinking that tackling any muscle imbalances makes some sense.  The Boss Man may be on to something! 

 So Monday morning, I saunter into the workout room with those extra few post-pregnancy pounds (and, I’ll be honest, those Christmas cookies probably didn’t help my situation).  First exercise to warm up, Boss Man says, is to jump rope for 5 minutes.  Easy, you’d think, right?  No.  I don’t care how many jump-a-thons you did in grade school, five minutes of straight jump roping is challenging. 

 Next, we go through the exercises and, to say the least, I was sure I’d be sore the next day.   However, during this workout I realized how relieved I was to have a plan and a goal. 

 My first Thursday morning was my first tempo workout in a very long time and I’m going to be honest, I was nervous.  But once I was out on the road, it felt great to be running.  And running a lot faster than I had been on my own training plan.  Those mile repeats burned a bit.  However, another great thing about this program is that I have to report back to Boss Man exactly what I ran and how fast.  Which is enough incentive for me not to skip efforts.

 The beginning of January is a fairly easy time to be motivated.  The trick is to keep that motivation working if those New Year’s resolutions fade away.   If you have tips for keeping motivated, post them here on the comments section.  And I will keep you updated on my quest to redefine my “fast” and my work with Boss Man.

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